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New Moon in August

Two and three times a week we hunt for cucurbits in the quiet morning when the sun is just starting to warm the air. I waddle down a row bent low, carefully tiptoeing between densely planted cucumber vines, shaded by 10 foot tall sunflowers. As the air warms, there is a low hum that gradually increases with the temperature. Thousands of flying things. I am a giant interrupting the morning commute. A lumbering obstacle slowly pushing through the hurried air traffic. Fuzzy squash bees fumble clumsily, crowding squash blossoms. Hummingbirds joust for sunflower nectar. And every time I lean down to collect a cucumber or zucchini, my ears are submerged in a pool of harmonious vibration, sweet songs for our veggies to grow in.

I simply can't imagine growing food without all these amazing creatures. Yes even the pests! Because I know that they balance the ecological system, feeding beneficial creatures, and cleaning up dead things.

This is why growing organic food and eating organic food is so important. The poisons that are sprayed to kill weeds not only mess with our bodies, but the whole food chain. Bugs eat decaying plants, birds, amphibians and reptiles eat the bugs, and the poison is passed.

For a musical interpretation of this process view the video below from Formidable Vegetable Sound System:


For some more scientific articles on the effects of RoundUp on humans and bees, feel free to peruse the links below:



What's growing?

Mammoth Sunflowers and Burgundy sunflowers

Zucchinis: Green, Gold, Speckled and scalloped

Peppers: (because I am sensitive to hot peppers, I haven't grown them in the past, so bear with my learning curve on identifying :) Sweet Italian peppers and Hot Anaheim chilies

Cucumbers: American and Armenian

Tomatoes: Black Krim heirloom, Granadero sauce tomato, Indigo Cherry

Aubergine: Traviata and Little Finger



Swiss Chard

Red Russian Kale

Red and Gold Beets



Bush Beans: French Green and Dragon Tongue

and a late planting of Orangeglow Watermelon (special seeds sent to us by our friend who is studying agroforestry on the east coast!)

Ginger and Turmeric are sprouting and putting out beautiful leaves in the greenhouse!

(I'm also experimenting with growing pineapples in pots :)

Currently we are preparing rows to add winter squash that will be ready for the end of the Fall season and into the Winter season!


Los Osos, California

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