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8-8-18 A Great Great Great Day for Fresh Eats

In the boxes August 8th 2018

According to Chinese numerology, today is a very luck day, with so many 8's in the date! I studied in China 10 years ago, it was a very day for weddings! (there were a LOT of fire crackers set off a 8am in the courtyard near my apartment). In celebration of this auspicious day, we are sending each of our beloved CSA members a Burgundy Sunflower! We hope it brightens your day!

Single Share

Burgundy sunflower

Assorted summer squash

Cucumbers, American or Armenian

Red Beets with Greens (cut the greens off and store separately from root, juice or cook like chard)

Kale, Red Russian


Radishes, French Breakfast

Mild Anaheim Pepper-longer horn shaped, dull green

Italian Sweet Chili-shiny green/purple streaks, wrinkled. curled shape

Regular Share: all above plus

Swiss Chard

Gourmet Lettuce heads

Both cucumbers

Green Onions

xtra peppers and squash :)

*Our Spring & Summer Season is coming to a close soon, we will take a season break at the end of this month and begin the Fall CSA season in September. The Fall season will run for 13 weeks through November. *

You can renew your membership through your Small Farm Central Account, If you have joined the CSA only recently, we will contact you before your 7th Fortnightly share or 13th weekly share is delivered, so that you can renew your membership

Plant Sale

All our greenhouse plants are started from Organic, non-gmo, seed. If not certified organic the seed is chosen because is an heirloom or has cultural significance. Planted in recycled plastic pots, organic planting mix, watered with harvested rainwater.

Summer Sample 6-pack with 2 summer squash, 2 chard, a basil and chives. $6 a pack.

Large mature potted Tomato and Pepper plants: $6

Assorted Basil: 3 plants for $2

Fresh Cut Sunflowers $1 each

call, email or text to reserve your order and arrange pick-up from the farm or have them added to your box!




~*Please note this is a projected harvest list, what you find in your box may be slightly different. If you hav questions please call us*~

Read more about what's in your box, and what's happening at the farm by reading the New Moon Newsletter, click here


Los Osos, California

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