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Reflection on Gravity and Food Systems

Human creatures are stuck by gravity to the crust of our planet. Other creatures share this gravitational stickiness. Birds and butterflies are able to unstick themselves every so often, and there are countless creatures that have chosen the path of least resistance, burrowing into the ground. Plants have a different performance, slowly weaving roots and branches into both dimensions, inviting wiggly things and winged things share space and resources. We have a unique perspective, moving about in that margin between heaven and humus, sky and soil, able to manipulate and move between each with the help of technologies and tradition. As the heavenly bodies move, they ripple water, paint weatherscapes, and compose climates. And the result? Food! Edible plants bringing us the sustenance we need. A beautifully orchestrated dance brings us nutrition, medicine, clothing and shelter.In eating food we witness the dance; when we grow food we join the dance

A practice called "mindful eating" invites us to consider the journey of the food we eat, and the true cost of getting it to your plate. You are invited to consider who cooked it, or precooked it? How was it packaged? Where were the ingredients stored and for how long? Under whose watch and under what refrigeration? How many miles did it travel, who harvested, watered and grew it? What is the heritage of it's variety and seed? When we consume our food we consume the system it came from.

What is the cost of our food system, how much fuel is need to power tractors trucks and ships, for factory farms that desertify the soil and pollute our air and water.

In eating food we witness the dance; when we grow food we join the dance.

You. Human. You are naturally inclined to the earth. Gravity asserts so. Therefore, listen, look, give your attention. Witness. And when catch the rhythm, and you see your place in the dance... MOVE.

~Illustration by the amazing and brilliant Sarah Amalia Holst

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