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Noo Moon in Joon

Field notes from Angie

Hello friends!

We are feeling hot days as we approach the new moon. In this newsletter, I’d like to explain why we’re Moon Phase Farmers.

Not long ago, growing food meant being an astrologist as well; it meant being able to study the constellations which would signal the beginning of planting or harvesting season.

Today we still celebrate holidays, the histories of which, are embedded in celebrations coinciding with agricultural events like planting, or harvesting.

As we build cities and gradually blot out the starlight from the night skies, this knowledge is being forgotten. Which the mission of growing food more sustainably with fewer imported inputs, we are looking to nature to lead us back into health and resilience.

Water carries the life force of a plant. Understanding how the tides affect where the life force is concentrated within a plant,

In the same way the moon causes the tides of the ocean to rise and fall, so does it affect ground water, and the flow of sap in plants! Knowing this then helps me decide when is the best time to plant, to prune, to transplant, to water, etc.

Here are some helpful youtube videos to help explain how the gravitational pull from neighboring celestial bodies.



To enhance your educational experience, I recommend opening another tab, and listening to this while you watch the above mentioned videos. :)


So that’s your first lesson in Gardening by the moon!

What’s planted: Summer squash: Patty Pan, Costata Romanesca, and Dark Star. Lettuce: gourmet mix ruffle heads, Romain. cucumbers, bush beans, tomatoes, peppers, aubergine (eggplant), sunflowers, beets, spinach, onions, tomatillos, carrots, radishes, Watermelon: Orangeglow, Celery, herbs. Much of the fruit is starting to set on fruit trees and berry brambles!

What to expect in a CSA Share: Summer squash, lettuce, spinach, loquat, fresh fava beans, herbs, lemon, kale, chard, cucumber, radish.

To buy produce directly from us, sign up for a CSA Membership, your produce box will be your weekly “share.”


Found this little greenhouse dragon early friday. It is a California Alligator Lizard, helping to keep our greenhouse free of beetles, potato bugs and other large bugs.


Upcoming Events @ Branch Mill Organic Farm and Retreat Center:

KIDS (& Youngsters) Workshop

Sat June 30th 9am-11:30

Free for CSA members and SLO Natural Foods Co-op Members

$15 per person age 6+. Younger than 6 must be accompanied by a guardian. You don’t have to be a kid, but you do have to participate!

June 27th Branch Mill Community Full Moon Ceremony

Potluck begins at 6:30 and ceremony around 7:15. Please park at the farm by the Farm Stand and meet at the fire pit.

Thanks again for subscribing to our newsletter! Hope to see you at the farm soon!

Much thanks to the community at Branch Mill Organic Farm and Retreat Center for welcoming us in, and helping us plant the seeds of our dreams!

There’s always events happening at Branch Mill Organic Farm & Retreat Center, click here!

Thanks also to everyone who was involved in the Cal Poly FEED program, which gave us farm business management bearings, lots of soil science, and practical small farm strategies.

And a big thanks to Slow Money SLO for investing in local quality food!


Los Osos, California

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