About our farm

Moon Phase Farmers started growing in December 2017 at

Branch Mill Organic Farm & Retreat Center in

Arroyo Grande, California central coast.

We grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, honeybees and ducks.

How we Farm

We are farming using all OMRI-certified organic materials using

a variety of techniques known as the French Bio-Intensive Method,

Biodynamic, Low-Till, with Integrated Pest Management,

where we grow habitat for beneficial insects and other

insectivores who eat our pests. We use mostly hand tools for

our cultivation, weeding, seeding and harvests.

Farmer Angie

After studying urbanization in China for a Global Studies (Sustainability) bachelor’s

degree at Azusa Pacific University, Angie interned with The Abundant Table Farm

in Santa Paula California, where they grew CSA produce for 50 shares on

2 acres. She managed volunteers, coordinated events and developed

workshops at Jardin de Raices Comunitarias aka Community Roots Garden

in Oxnard for 3 years on a meager budget. Growing up to 80 diverse crops

at once on a 1 acre urban  using a walk-behind tractor and hand tools,

Angie and volunteers donated freshly harvested produce to nearby shelters,

hosted students of all ages and fed innumerable community groups.  Angie also

worked as an outdoor educator teaching 3rd graders about the soil food web on

farms around Ventura County with nonprofit educational program SEEAg. Angie 

recently graduated from a Cal Poly intensive course in Agribusiness Management

and is an accomplished beekeeper, musician, and Reiki practitioner.

Reach Angie at angie@moonphasefarmers.com

                                                   Farmer beto

                                                                       After serving  6 years in the United States Air Force maintaining avionics systems on                                                                                 aircraft, Robert 'beto Barnett returned to his home community in Ventura to                                                                                          study agricultural engineering, industrial design and manufacturing. He

                                                                                  co-founded and designed the curriculum of a competitive entrepreneurial                                                                                            program and business incubator Aspire³, which annually teaches over 1200 K-                                                                                 12 and CSU Channel Islands students how to write business plans for                                                                                               mission-oriented products. 'beto is a Permaculture Designer and for 4 years                                                                                   helped build urban gardens, taught workshops, and prepared meals for garden                                                                              volunteers & veterans groups. He also leads community workshops in                                                                                          organizational governance and co-operative enterprise formation. As an activist, 'beto                                                              was a 3 year board member of BikeVentura, a nonprofit community bike kitchen, and frequent volunteer with Food Forward, leading volunteer groups in urban food recovery from backyards and farmers markets. 'beto has graduated from a Veteran Farmers of American alpaca husbandry internship and an intensive program at Cal Poly for Agribusiness Management. He is an endurance cyclist, skilled chef, and performance artist. Reach 'beto at beto@moonphasefarmers.com


Los Osos, California

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