Generative Ventures Webinar Series

The following pictures are from our previous 5 years journey in community gardens and farming.

Angie and Robert outstanding in their field. 2018

Angie standing in the field under a tall sunflower

Angie in a bee suit placing a bee swarm into a nucleus box.

Robert teaching a kids summer camp garden workshop. Edible flowers for salads!

Robert posing with his sheep flock.

Robert petting a bottle-fed lamb with the flock.

Seedlings sprouting.

An overflowing box of fresh produce for CSA subscribers.

A bright box of fresh produce for CSA subscribers.

A late summer box of fresh produce for CSA subscribers.

Tender chard, sorrel, mustard, arugula,

Hosting a tree planting event for Cal Poly Students

Farmer Experiential Education and Development course at Cal Poly, first cohort. A field of market gr

Greenhouse seedling propagation area

20 month progress picture before & after showing an abandoned front yard turned into a lush vegetabl

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Los Osos, California

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